Urban Street Diving – In-depth street photography series.

A Street Dive is a photographic exploration of a single urban location, street or area. The goal is to capture a coherent photography series within a limited time frame and radius. Setting limits helps to sharpen the senses, like in scuba diving, where oxygen is limited and time has to be used wisely in order to discover new things.

Want to be featured and interviewed?

Urban Street Diving publishes street photography series from aspiring as well as established photographers from all around the world. Please have a look at the submissions page to find out how to get featured on the website.

About the author

I am Andreas Ott, a passionate street photographer and scuba diver based in Bonn, Germany. If you have any questions regarding this project or want to collaborate, please feel free to contact me anytime in English, Dutch or German at contact@urbanstreetdiving.com