Street Dive

What strikes me here is the light

Luca Paccusse about photographing in his hometown Rome

Luca, please tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m an amateur photographer from Rome focused on street and documentary photography. I started taking pictures during my travels and my passion for street photography has been growing over the last five years. I’m basically self-taught. Even though I have attended short courses, it was above all the vision and analysis of the work of the masters of photography together with the exchange with other photographers or enthusiasts to enrich me.

What do you like about Rome when it comes to street photography?

As every big city, Rome offers a huge opportunity for situations, people and inspirations for every street photographer. Besides particular moments that can happen or some people that you can meet during a photowalk, what strikes me here, is the light. On days like this, I like to play with light and shadow, accentuate the contrasts and by emphasizing certain elements of the image.

Where are you favorite locations in Rome to shoot?

Usually I take photos in the central neighborhoods, for different reasons. One is that often happens to go there during the week; they are easy to reach; they are often full of people, that usually don’t care about you. In fact, downtown a street photographer can be almost unnoticed.

It’s more difficult shooting in the residential or suburban neighborhoods. On the other side, by walking around the neighborhoods, you can capture more everyday situations, that’s why sometimes I also shot in the less touristy areas.

What do you look for on the streets?

I feel myself as a hunter or a fisherman in the street. Sometimes I’m very instinctive, I walk among the people looking for a particular moment (I would like to say “the decisive moment” as HCB), an expression of the face or something strange and surreal.

Other times I like to play with the light so I wait for a “good fish” to pass in the area illuminated by the sun.

Your series was shot at one day in two streets. Why did you chose those particular location for your series?

Via del Corso and Via Condotti are two busy central streets, between piazza Venezia, piazza del Popolo and Spanish Steps, so I think that this area is good to take pictures of people.

Along these streets you can find shops, banks, bar and museums. You can meet working people, tourists or people who do shopping from different social backgrounds, since you can find the chain stores and luxury ones.

© Luca Paccusse

What are you up to in the near future, photography wise?

I would like to concentrate on one or more photographic projects, which can give coherence to my production. I also plan to make a photo book, which I hope to complete by the end of the year.

Recently, with other photographers based in and around Rome, I’ve founded the street photography collective called Funky Avenue
We aim to make ourselves known by showing our work also through publications in the future, trying at the same time to spread street photography through meetings and photowalks. It’s a new project for us and I think it can be a good idea to enrich each other among the members of the collective.

Where can we find more of your work?

Thanks Luca!