If you’d like to get featured on Urban Street Diving, please submit a series to the following categories. Please understand that I can not personally respond to everyone. If your series fits the project, I will get back to you to discuss further steps.

Street Dive / 1 day, 1 location, 1 theme

A Street Dive is a photographic exploration of a single urban street or location. The goal is to capture a cohesive photography series within a limited time frame and location. Set limits in order to push yourself outside your comfort zone. Stay focused for a limited amount of time and explore whats around you.

Dive for characters, things, scenes or situations. It is not about the perfect picture, it’s about the story and the series as a whole.

Submission Guidelines:

The series has to be shot at one street or location only and within a limited time frame of less then 24 hours. You can either shoot for one day or just one hour, just make sure the series transports a short and to the point story about a certain subject, location or theme.

Deep Dive / getting to the bottom

If you have an already existing, ongoing or finished long-term street photography series, please submit it for the Deep Dive segment. I am keen to dive into your work to find out more.

Submission Guidelines:

The series must be shot within one street, location or certain area over a longer period of time. It must transport an “in-depth” story about a certain subject, location or theme.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me!

General information

Please submit all photos (or a link) with subject header “Street Dive” or “Deep Dive” and the following information to

– Location and short description about the photo series
– Between 5 and 10 jpg photos with 1500 px on the longest side
– Bio and link to your portfolio website

(All submitted images remain sole property of the photographer)